Affirming the Ministry of Women in the Lutheran Church of Australia

Ordaining Women Goes to the Heart of the Gospel

“My main contention is that the church betrays the heart of the gospel if it prohibits women from being ordained to the public ministry.” Click here to read a script from a presentation given by Dr. Karen Bloomquist for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon.

Ordination of woman in Independent Catholic Church

Narelle Oliver was ordained on the 22nd November 2009 to the priesthood of the Independent Catholic Church of Australia, and will serve a parish community in Hemmant, Qld. The ICCA is a small denomination that began with a split from the Roman Catholic church in 1870.

Rev Oliver had been a member of Fr Peter Kennedy’s St Mary’s congregation, being drawn there when seeking a truly inclusive church. From there she found the ICCA.

“This is a deeply spiritual journey, not a political statement for me” the Courier-Mail quoted her as saying.
“Rev Oliver said she looked forward to the challenge of building up her parish community as part of a church that had only two doctrines – love God and love your neighbour.”

Courier-Mail 23/11/2009
Spotted by Liz

Historical document on Women’s Ordination, from Argentina

The latest edition of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics includes an article on the Ordination of Women and the Confessions, written in 1980 as part of the deliberations of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentine <>, which voted to ordain women in 1981. Click here.

Origins of WMN

At Luther Seminary, Adelaide from April 12-14, 1991 the Facing Injustice Today Workshop was held. Amongst the resolutions from the Women’s Workshop group were the following:

  • A Women’s Support Network be established in each District that encourages and supports women to be involved on committees, decision-making bodies and in roles from which they are currently excluded at congregational, district and national level.

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Miriam’s Song

Quote for today:

Mary Donovan Turner examined the story of Miriam’s song, finding in it the completion of the Exodus.  The event is only complete once it is celebrated.  She continues … Read more »

Women in Ministry … the un-told story

A pro women’s ordination package of stories and theology

This package of stories and papers was prepared prior to the July 2000 National Synod of the Lutheran Church of Australia. The process of discussion had already been a long one and still continues. For some it has been confusing. Some people have found it hard to listen to people who think differently. For some people it has been exciting as agreement is found, or as they have gained new insights about God and God’s church.

Why this package?

At the series of forums that were held to discuss the issue, we heard concerns raised and requests made for more information to be provided. This collection of papers attempted to address some of those concerns. We did not attempt to make this a “balanced” collection; it is instead a thoughtful collection from people who have reached the conclusion that Scripture does not prohibit the ordination of women, and an exploration of some of the evidence. The package was distributed to all parishes in Australia.

A pdf file of the total package is available 1020 Kb.

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Welcome to WMN

Women’s Ministry Network (WMN) is a network of women and men throughout Australia who are interested in exploring ways in which women can contribute to the ministry and mission of the church, in particular the Lutheran Church of Australia.

We want to affirm the work and ministry of women in the past, encourage participation in the present and actively seek out the exciting possibilities for service in the future, including ordination.

We are currently redeveloping this website so that the resources available can be easily located. We hope it will be ready early in the new year.



“The Fourth National Gathering
of the Women’s Ministry Network”

was held on the 10th – 12th July, 2009
at The Corner Church, Warradale, SA.

Women and men attended to affirm the ministries of women in the past, encourage ministries in the present, and work towards further opportunities for service in the future.

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2009 WMN National Gathering

Holden Evening Prayer

The liturgy for this prayer was initially written for the Holden Winter village community in 1986.  I first experienced worship using this liturgy at the WMN gathering 2009. Read more »

Resolution of St Stephens Lutheran Church, March 2009

To the General Synod of the Lutheran Church in Australia, October  2009

AGM St. Stephens Lutheran Church, Adelaide

St Stephen’s Lutheran Church, Adelaide submitted this resolution for decision by the Synod.  We are not quite sure how it happened that, despite the congregational meeting approving it in March, it ended up as a “late” resolution, and even though it was printed in the Book of Reports so available to everyone for consideration prior to Synod, the Chair of Synod moved quickly to recommend to the Synod that it not be considered.

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