Affirming the Ministry of Women in the Lutheran Church of Australia

Resolution of St Stephens Lutheran Church, March 2009

To the General Synod of the Lutheran Church in Australia, October  2009

AGM St. Stephens Lutheran Church, Adelaide

St Stephen’s Lutheran Church, Adelaide submitted this resolution for decision by the Synod.  We are not quite sure how it happened that, despite the congregational meeting approving it in March, it ended up as a “late” resolution, and even though it was printed in the Book of Reports so available to everyone for consideration prior to Synod, the Chair of Synod moved quickly to recommend to the Synod that it not be considered.

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What kind of church do we want to be?  This question underpinned the discussion when the Women’s Ministry Network met in Adelaide on Saturday 6th October, 2007.  Under the title “United in Christ: Voices in the Silence” a relaxed gathering shared their dreams for the church with optimism and freshness. Read more »

GENERAL LCA SYNOD 2006 — “There’s nothing new under the sun.” (Ecc 1:9)

Tanya Wittwer (6 October 2006)

To get the feel of the 2006 Synodical Convention of the Lutheran Church of Australia, at which 50.4% of delegates voted “That Scripture permits the ordination of women”, you might start by reading Galatians 2.  Different issue, same politics. Read more »

The Final Report of the LCA Commission on Theology and Inter-Church Relations on the Ordination of Women

A. The process in brief

The 1997 General Convention of the LCA gave the Commission on Theology and Inter-Church Relations (CTICR) the task of studying the issue of the ordination of women, reporting to pastors conferences and congregations, and presenting a Final Report with recommendations to the 2000 synod. This involved the CTICR working through four stages. Read more »

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