Affirming the Ministry of Women in the Lutheran Church of Australia


When I was growing up I never questioned the fact that there were only male pastors and not female pastors because ‘that was the way it was’. I did not ever consider challenging the notion that there could be anything wrong with this. Perhaps it was age. Perhaps it was because I, like so many others, did not like the thought of change.

Like all people, I am still growing and learning. One thing I seem to have realised in this time is that change is not always a bad thing. Now we have a chance for more positive, progressive change in the church, in the form of women’s ordination.

I guess that my argument for women’s ordination is a fairly logical one, although academics may consider it to be lacking in theology. However, I truly believe that when God told us to share His love with all, he meant both men and women. Confining the role of publicly preaching the Word of God and administering his sacraments to men only, means that the skills God gave to women to nurture, care and teach are not being utilised to the full potential of God’s plan for us. It is agreed that the current role of women in the Church has been an important one, but if given the opportunity, there is so much more that women could still achieve.

Some of the most inspirational, spiritually-guiding ministers I have met and worked with have been women, albeit of another denomination! Realising that women can be pastors and leaders of the Church, and could have been for the past two thousand years, should be something we embrace whole-heartedly. We could rejoice in the fact that we will have more people to spread the Word and the love of Christ to others who are turning away from God, or who have never known such grace and love.

(Lutheran woman, 24)

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