Affirming the Ministry of Women in the Lutheran Church of Australia

Makeover for Episcopal Priest

The hosts of reality series hosts “What Not to Wear” first got a whiff of Rev Emily Bloemker’s fashion disasters when a family member nominated her last year. Intrigued by fashion challenges for a 27-year-old single female priest, the hosts decided to give Bloemker a makeover. The program format includes secretly following and videotaping nominees for two weeks, then surprising them with a visit and offering them a $5,000 Visa debit card to buy a new wardrobe.

That was the “ambush” part of the show and Bloemker said she that, while initially clueless about what was happening, she was also conflicted about the choice.

“Part of me felt very conflicted in accepting that much money, especially when I believe in tithing, in giving of our excess to the poor,” she said. “I was really concerned about what sort of statement this might make to the world about how priests value clothing and money.”

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